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This is the worst game ever!!!!!!! Even 7cave was better and it was FREE!!!!!!! So next time buy a windows phone ,and get 7cave,and don't make the mistake I made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great app but if you have a jailbroken iPod get icheat to pickur score


Amazing.!! Hours of fun.!!

Even bette than jailbroken version..

Even tho i always buy apps for ps3.. I gt this came thinking about my friends jailbroken one.. Its awesome =P i got it freeeeeee!!


Greatest game ever way better than icopter


i love it! endless hours of fun!


Online score bored would be great


Icopter is better


I accually think this game is a lot better than iCopter...it's more sensitive, has levels, better graphics, and more stuff like that. Totally worth the money

Yay boo

I think it's fun and addicting but the scoring is pathetic it's like impssibke to get in the 2 or 3 hundreds unlike helicopter which after 5 seconds it in the thousands so this is easier than helicopter but not as fun!!!!!!!!!!¡

Lol it scared me

I bought this and I thought it was ok I don't think it's a waist or money... The first time I played and crashed it scared the crap out of me cuz of the loud bang it made that I wasn't expecting

Awesome game

plz get not waste of money

Omg omg omg omg omg

This game is the best game I have on my I pod and I have had it 4 like 5 years omg I love this game :) :)))))

Fun but it gets old

I spent a lot of time Playing this. But after a certain point Its really hard. Big time killer though, worth the price.

Ask and you shall receive!

I wrote a review asking for user music to be enabled, and another person asked for user color definition, and both were included in the update to this great game already! LOVE IT! Thanks...

it's pretty fun

it's ok worth the money

Not a copy

For everyone who thinks this Is a copy of iCopter, you're all wrong. iCave was among the first games released on the jailbroken iPods. iCopter didn't come until afterwards, so iCopter is actually the fake. This is a fantastic game. Only problem is the score should go up more.


Needs better handeling when u press it goes up so fast it should be a littel tighter but good game shold cost 99 not 1,99

100% better

This game is 100% better than icopter

Very Addicting

I'm telling you, i bought it over iCopter and i dont' regret it at all. At first, i was a little bummed that i didn't enjoy it as much as i thuoght, but it grew on me, and now i love playing it and beating my old high score. This game takes skill, and a little bit of luck :)

Not a ripoff

To all the idiots who say this was copied off of icopter it was made by the same guy and was released first on installer


Better then icoptor


This is a bad game I copter is much better

good. just needs improvement.

great game! i like the new version but i wish that it used the old scoring way so please change that!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Update

Nice new update!! Keep 'em comin Andy!! Maybe in the next update a choice between ships? And for people deciding to buy this: YES, buy it.


Shut up. Andy qua is a balla holic. He is sweet and deserves a little cash flow for this game and cube runner. Awesome and addicting but the worm falls to fast and there needs to be charachters

Sickest game ever

Buy it!!!!!sickest and funnest game ever!!!!!!

Love this game.

Great game, very addicting. All of you complaining tards...shut up. Andy Qua probably put tons of work into this game and you guys are flipping out because it costs two dollars. Don't buy it if you don't want to pay! Quit ******** and moaning about. Qua deserves some reward for his work besides "thx andy!!!!!!!!1!!!!11!!!!!" so please stop degrading this game because of it's price. That will be all. P.S. I agree with one of the other reviewers; keep up the good work.

Not worth the price

This really should be free, not because it used to be free on jailbroken phones, but because it looks like somebody's homework assignment. All there is to the "game" you'll get in the first second, it's hardly even a demo.

Shut Up Whiners

Here's an idea... Buy this game, reward him for the hard work he put it to it, and SHUT UP! If you love the game so much, 2 dollars shouldn't stop you stop you from buying it!

Andy Qua deserves it

I played this game on a jailbroken iphone for a long time. My friends and I kept a tally of who had the best score at any given time. I would like to see a leaderboard/high score screen. The feel of the game has changed since jailbroken version. All in all, great port, the look is excellent. Thank you Andy Qua.


Really love the gme but the worm sort of bugs me make unlockable helis and ppl plz and it's five stars easily

Good but too much money

I love this app but it is way too expencive i wish it was free

Love it

This is a great game, just like helicopter game in the com

Wow. I am really glad somebody made this!

I have been waiting for a remake of this game to come out for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I do really like this, but I think that the little line falls down too quickly. In the original, the line moved down the same speed as it went up. The up-speed is right, but if they would just fix the falling, that would make it much more awesome. Great app.

Very nice.

I was addicted to this game on my jailbroken first generation iPhone. I was wondering when it would come to the App Store. I really like the idea of the the levels. However, I would really like to see more features available to live up to the 1.99 price tag. I think the option to change the colors on the walls, barriers, and snake would be cool. The ability to go into portrait view, maybe. The ability to clear the top scores. When you tap on a difficulty level, it should display the high score somewhere on the main page before you start your game. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase. Just a few tweaks here and there and I will be even more of an advocate of this game.


It's just like icave on a jailbroken iPhone. Really good.


This is great even though its 2 bucks when it should be free. this guy deserves the mone for this AND cube runner, which was awesome!! The only thing is that there should be more features or something really cool in this app because be pay for it. But great otherwise


I like this game


Awesome game


Good game. Hope they make icopter though. And it should be free. But I like it.

Pretty good

I really like this concept but I think it should have more barriers and a wider thing going through the course.

I like this game :)

Andy Qua has the best games. It would have been nice if it were free though... Other than that it's really fun. Both Cube Runner and iCave are my favorite games.


This app is alright. It's still pretty addicting but hopefully there will be an update on it

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